Report | Environment Illinois Research and Education Center

Saving Energy, Growing Jobs

Across the state and in fields ranging from manufacturing and installation to architecture and engineering, Illinois has a thriving energy efficiency sector. By continuing to invest in energy efficiency, Illinois can create jobs right now and enjoy the benefits of decreased pollution and fossil fuel dependence well into the future.

Report | Environment Illinois Research and Education Center

Growing Influence

The agribusiness lobby is well known as one of the most powerful in Washington, D.C., and many states. Less well known is the fact that big agribusiness interests are among the largest roadblocks to cleaner water for the American people.

Report | Environment Illinois Research & Education Center

Corporate Agribusiness and America's Waterways

Pollution from agribusiness is responsible for some of America’s most intractable water quality problems – including the "dead zones" in the Chesapeake Bay, Gulf of Mexico and Lake Erie, and the pollution of countless streams and lakes with nutrients, bacteria, sediment and pesticides.

Report | Environment Illinois Research and Education Center

On the Right Track

Each year, the Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad (Metra) saves area travelers about 34.8 million gallons of gasoline--the same amount of fuel consumed by more than 61,000 cars annually. Our leaders should make Metra and similar projects a priority for transportation investments.